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Aquaguard goes with the spirit of a "More safe than boiled water ". I am using its product compact for past few months and I would say that it's a good buy for my family. Starting from the first experience - the salesman suggested me and my husband to go for the base version rather than forcefully selling the higher versions.

Dr. Aftab Khattak

I feel it very user friendly product. Apart from its features the water tastes good and it's crystal clear in the transparent box. I am also happy the way Aquaguard team listens to the consumer concerns and gives a proper feedback.

Mrs. Anju Khandelwal

I had taken the purifier around 18 months back, and during each problem situation i got the proper service and more over on time. Also the quality of water is excellent and the taste is better than the taste of bottle waters.

Mr. Sithik Niyas

Having pure and safe drinking water has become a privilege with the sale of mineral water bottles; but one cannot afford to have mineral water bottles at home for consumption (quite expensive). After going through a lot of literature and articles on the right product to use as an water purifier - I have thankfully taken the right decision to go with Aquaguard which is low on maintenance, gives me nearly 100% pure bacteria free drinking mineral water.

Mr. Pratik

As a water treatment professional I would suggest all the residents of Emirates if you can afford you must use water treatment system at your home or office to keep your health free from unwanted troubles. And I would also highly recommend Aquaguard for the best quality of water me and my family are enjoying.

Mrs. Promita Gupta

I purchased Aquaguard in December 2010 and till date; I have enjoyed prompt and excellent after-sales service. Let me also clarify that I had to make these Service Calls not due to any fault with the product but due to our own ignorance about the functioning of the Aquaguard Filter. Regarding the efficiency of the filter, well, I can confidently say that none of family members have fallen ill due to drinking domestic water during this whole time despite of several viral infections being reported in my area and around.

Mr. Sidharth Roy

I've been drinking Aquaguard Water for around a year now, and will never look back. The water tastes much better than ordinary tap water, and has obvious benefits that have now been proven by the test results. Being a student, i was buying at least a new bottle of water each day, costing me quite a bit of money. However now i just have a bottle and fill it up with Aquaguard Water each day, for the one off purchase it continuously saves me money, as well as being the best water to drink! I highly recommend this product, and to anyone who may be skeptical, just try it!! You won't go back to ordinary tap water or bottled water.

Miss Shawati Kumar

Found this was a good investment. My water tastes clean and has no smells. Glad I bought this. One thing I wish is that they had more colors to choose from. Overall I'm happy.

Mr. Raj Shekhar

Peace of mind every time I drink water. The Aquaguard Water System is easy to use and the family loves the taste of fresh clean water. What more can I say, it's worth every fills.

Mr. Roy Matthew

I have had this water filter now for a couple of years, very happy with filter concept and ease of cleaning. Looks good and works well.

Mr. Reddy Settipalli

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