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Eureka Forbes one of the most trusted Water Purifier in Dubai & Other UAE Region .

In UAE,the water purifier plays a major role.The type of water purifier to be used can be finalized using various aspects including the TDS level of each regions of uae. It’s purifiers are designed in such a way that it can be dealt the Water of Dubai as well as other UAE Regions and make it pure,safe and fit for drinking

Eureka Forbes/Aquaguard Magna

  • Universal Water Purification
  • Large storage capacity)
  • Health Protect
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Aquaguard Classic +

  • Unique e-boiling+ technology
  • Auto shut off
  • Intelligent purity sensor system
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  • Intelligent, compact and HYGIENIC DESIGN
  • Easy-to-read LED INDICATORS
  • UNIVERSAL purifier with Mineral Guard + BIOTRON technology
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